One Year Classroom Program (JEE Main + Advance)

One Year Classroom Program for (JEE Main + Advance & Other) (Target Batch)

This program helps students to excel in JEE Main & Advanced Exam,BITS-AT and other Engineering Entrance Exam of National Repute IITs have restricted the number of attempts for JEE-Advance. Students now have only one chance for JEE-Advance, though they have two chances for JEE-Main but students should try to succeed in JEE-Advance in this last chance by putting maximum efforts.

Type of Program: One Year Classroom Program (2023-24)
Frequency of Class : 7 days a week, 4 hrs.* a day
Program Hours : About 1300+ hours* (including tests)
Objective of Program : Main focus of the program will be on selection in JEE-Main and then JEE-Advanced along with very good All India Ranking (AIR). In this program our main objective is to bring the best out of the students by motivating them to work hard. Besides the above, focus would also be on the keeping the students dream alive so that they stay on track.
Ideal For : This Program is ideal for those students who wish to make their career in Engineering and pursue their study with the best available Engineering Colleges in India or abroad. This program is also ideal for those students who did their schooling from State Board or from Rural areas. In this course the sole aim would be on selection in JEE and students will be trained at the toughest standard. Any student who is ready to work hard can be
Eligibility : A student who scored 70% in class XI (or in class X if result is awaited) or equivalent grade is eligible for this program.
Course Fee:
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  • Registration Fee : Rs.
  • Admission Fee : Rs
  • Tuition Fee : Rs
  • Subject Covered: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
    Board Covered: ICSE & CBSE only
    About The Program: Class XII is very crucial in the life of any student. This one year will decide the future of a student’s life. Keeping the above point in view we have designed the course in such a way that students feel comfortable with their board preparations along with the preparation of IIT-JEE or PMT. Initial focus will be given on completing class XII syllabus with complete fundamental, by doing this students will covers 100% course syllabus for their competition (IIT-JEE). After completing class XII a quick and complete revision will be done of class XI. After board exam we provide all our students with a test and discussion series which makes them ready for JEE-Main. If a student qualified for JEE-Main, then he/she will be rigorously grilled for JEE-Advanced.

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