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Director Dk Mishra

...Hard Work
Should be a Habit...

Dear Students,
You may have different ambitions, Academic or Career goals and various likes or dislikes. You can think of pursuing a career in various fields (not specifically Engineering or Medical). I believe that, one requires a few mantras to succeed. They are Hard Work, Discipline and Focused approach.
At Aviral Classes we work on all these three aspects. Though our primary goal is to achieve Academic Excellence but we try to enhance a student’s personality by making them more disciplined, hard working and goal oriented people. Personally I believe that hard work should be our habit, we should not work hard to achieve our target only rather we should maintain the hard work throughout our life. Believe me hard work pays. The person who is hardworking always achieves whatever he/she wishes, later or sooner.
At Aviral Classes we are working hard to make the complicated and tricky concepts easier. Our full time and stable faculties are trying hard to bring the best out of our students. Our staff is always ready to help the students.
From this year onwards we are going to provide pre-recorded video lectures for JEE & NEET from India’s Best Faculty Team. Our students can access it through our video library. They can use it for revision or to cover their missed lectures.
I invite all those students to join “Aviral Classes” who believe in themselves and are ready to give their 100%.
- D.K. MISHRA (Director- Aviral Classes)
- Alumnus of IIT-Kanpur, IIM-Raipur & IIM Lucknow

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