School Program

What is School Programme ?

In today's hyper competitive world, eminent educationists are compelled to move to higher levels of performance benchmarks. It is increasingly not enough for esteemed institutions to just have a 100% pass result in the board exams as a target. Success in competitive exams such as JEE (main and Advance), AIPMT(NEET), KVPY, SAT, Olympiads & NTSE is the new parameter of success. Pressure to perform at the board exams coupled with the acute need to excel in competitive exams is creating extremely high levels of stress in students and parents.

This has an adverse impact on the overall personality of the student. Hence it is important that the schools look at ways to reduce this stress and enable holistic personality development of the students.

We at Aviral Classes believe that School is a best place for overall learning; we cannot substitute schools where students not only get the base of academics but also get the lesion of life along with co-curricular activity which we believe is the most important for every child.

Aviral Classes brings a concept of School Program where if any school associate with Aviral classes, then whole academics of that classes will be taken care of Aviral classes and school need not to worry about the classes schedule, teachers and syllabus coverage however school will provide us the basic frame work of the academic session viz. Schedule of exams, syllabus of exams, list of holidays etc.

Aviral classes has pool of faculty who will take care about schooling as well as about the competitive classes, these faculties are expert in their subjects and will ensure proper compliance of the school’s curriculum.

By associated with us school will be free to arrange the faculty for few particular classes and Aviral classes will be entirely responsible for that. However school can appoint a co-ordinator who will take care and monitor the program.

Benefits of School and Students with tie up

The Winning Methodology

Our methodology makes students capable of creatively resolving complex & tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills & parallel thinking processes. We develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimize students’ output.

Innovative Programs & Concepts

Innovation is the essence at Aviral. We are the pioneers in designing a specific IQ Test to test the temperament and potential of a student for IIT-JEE. The student's score in this test helps us judge his / her potential in the beginning itself and the level of input required for his / her success. This makes our Classroom Programs very effective as we know in advance the level of input needed for different students. The beauty of the program is that we keep close co ordination with school and together with we identify the potential level of the students and make separate group and then we proceed with different strategy with these group which suit them best.

The Total Success Approach

Even though our programs aim at JEE (main and Advance) as well as AIPMT(NEET), we prepare students comprehensively also for KVPY, SAT, Olympiads, NTSE and all other important Engineering Entrance Exams including AIEEE / CEE / BITS-SAT / VITEEE etc keeping Schooling at top priority.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development team works round the clock to ensure that our teaching methodology, study material and course structure, etc. is upto date. This committed team keeps a keen eye on the latest developments and changes in the IIT-JEE / AIEEE, other prestigious Engineering Entrance Exams / Medical / Olympiads / NTSE / KVPY and swiftly incorporates them in our course curriculum.

Unique Academic Initiatives

Aviral has many academic initiatives that are entirely unique, and not offered by any other institute. These are amplified below:-

    Revolutionary study Material
  • We have designed customised study material for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology which gives total coverage of school syllabus keeping all headings as per the book prescribed for particular board (CBSC and ICSE/ISC only). School need not to provide separate classes for the above mentioned subject as we cover in details.
  • Phase Wise Tests
  • These tests are conducted periodically during the classroom programs and after every phase test, the students are provided with necessary inputs and extra classes if needed. There are generally five to six tests organized for this purpose.
  • Model Tests
  • All Aviral Classes Classroom Program students are made to appear in model tests on IIT-JEE pattern, gradually as the syllabus is covered. A number of tests are held periodically after certain syllabus has been taught, and once complete syllabus has been covered, tests are held on the entire syllabus as per IIT-JEE pattern under exam conditions. A few tests are given to students to attempt at home also. All answer sheets of such tests are carefully checked and shown to students with remarks.
  • Aviral’s Master Package (AMP).
  • Every classroom program student is provided a package of study material specially prepared for Aviral students. This package is a collection of few toughest level problems to develop students thinking ability and increase their IQ level. This package is not available anywhere else. It is called the Aviral Masters Package (AMP).
During our Integrated Classroom Programs, a student will study from the same set of study material for his Board exam, JEE (main and Advance), AIPMT (NEET) and other competitive exams from the same teacher, i.e. the entire coverage is integrated. He does not have to seek study material from any other source. The teacher is also the same, who dovetails all the students' requirements appropriately in his teaching. The students are given graded levels of assignments of varying difficulty, which helps in developing applications and analytical skills required for JEE and PMT. At Aviral Classes you will find a very powerful system that can help students unfold their full potential, systematically.
Major Benefits for the School

  1. IIT graduates are recognized and valued internationally. Successful students from this prestigious school will spread the fame of this institution far and wide.

  2. Similarly Doctors are recognised and valued in all socity. Successful students from this prestigious school will spread the fame of this institution far and wide.

  3. A higher success rate in competitive engineering exams will consequently bestow a unique and enviable reputation to this school. Such success is generally quoted as a benchmark for the school reputation and the prevailing educational standards of the school, so vital and essential for motivating large number of children to join this school only.

  4. Teachers of the school who teach Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology, also have an opportunity to sharpen and enhance their teaching skills through the expert and qualified Aviral’s Faculty. This will be an additional benefit and bonus. Exclusive study material unparalleled in quality, compiled over years of painstaking hard work and experience, now in the hands of students of this school only.

  5. Coaching from Aviral Classes will definitely improve the board results of the school, giving it a unique position of excellence in the city and the state.

Additional Gains for the Students

  • Students of your esteemed school acquire exclusive, time-tested and unique skills in the art of achieving success in Competitive exams like JEE (main and advance), PMT and others, benefiting from the Renowned Aviral Classes, a dream of many students in the country, now available to students at their doorsteps. Students' morale and confidence likely to shoot up. Students of this school will no longer need to spend precious time in looking up any other coaching institute within or outside the city.
  • Students interact directly with experts on engineering competitive exams right in their home towns and door steps. They need not go and stay at far away places to avail of such facilities, which in any case may not match Aviral Classes standards.
  • Aviral Classes is in the profession of making careers and futures for the young generation. Students of your school cannot afford to miss this once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

Any Doubt ?

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